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Soul’s Cry

$15 USD

By John Schluep

Dr. John Schluep has a unique combination of experience. He has served as a combat-ready infantry officer, a psychotherapist, and a senior pastor of a large, active church. The philosophy of the Warriors’ Journey Home group, is a healing model grounded in research from the areas of; Support, Education, Ritual, Healing Services, Reconciliation Services, and Restoration. He trains veterans and civilians (persons of strong heart) to reconnect with their communities by welcoming them home.

Soul’s Cry, is a primer that provides insight on how to deal with the safe return our veteran’s require to relinquish the suffering brought about by the invisible wounds of war.

The book is recommended for all; from the mental health community providers, clergy, family members, veterans, and the community in general. Soul’s Cry, is a guidebook that can offer suggestions for the type of transformative community based healing that is so needed in our society.

Warriors’ Journey Home is a non-sectarian, non-political organization focused on healing the soul and spirit, the invisible wounds of military service and war.

Healing the Soul’s Wound: A Heart & Soul Liturgy

$10 USD

By John Schluep

Healing The Soul’s Wound: A Heart & Soul Liturgy, is an answer to a frequently asked question by clergy charged with the task of leading worship: “How do I write a service of worship for Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day honoring the veteran for their service and remain religious without becoming nationalistic?”  After a decade and a half of working in this specialized area of ministry Dr. Schluep provides a framework for worship liturgy that is focused on healing invisible wounds by honoring the heart and soul of the individual. 

This outline for liturgy (the work of the people) is adaptable in many settings and services of worship for every faith community.  Everyone, veteran and civilian (or People of Strong Heart) alike, carries an invisible wound.  This small book is insightful and helpful in bringing the community together for a common purpose.